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My name is Kristine Johnson and I help couples, individuals, and families to grow and heal together so that their relationships and their own hearts are changed. Whatever brings you here today, whether it is a distant relationship, an unruly teen that you fear is making bad choices or a longing for closeness to God, you are in the right place. 

You have tried so many things to get yourself out of this place, but nothing really seems to stick. Whether it's a relationship that lacks empathy, passion, and connection or persistent feelings of anxiety and depression, you want so much more for yourself and your life. You're tired of feeling stuck and want change. 

I offer a free phone consultation. I want you to feel comfortable and have all your questions answered. I would love to come alongside of you and begin your journey toward growing relationships and a thriving life.



Do you barely recognize the person you married? You wonder what happened to the fun, spark, and connection you had while dating. Maybe you are sick of discussions with your spouse turning into heated arguments or frustrated that your spouse doesn't communicate with you. Or maybe you just want to be part of the 50% of married couples who stay together. 


Are you worried about your teen drifting away from you and making bad choices? Is your teen opposed to your help while you feel hopeless and frustrated because you want them to grow into the great person and healthy adult you know they can be? 


At times your life and relationships can feel like they're going off the rails. How do you manage your demanding and rude boss? How can you deal with your parents or in-laws? You are just so exhausted from kids and family life. You long for relief and peace to come from God. 

I can help you

I can help you to cope with many of life’s challenges. I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in the Louisville Kentucky area, and I’m here to support you.


Services I Offer

Couple in Love

Couples Therapy

Quality Care

Perhaps your relationship has changed and you feel like your partner is a stranger. Discussions can quickly turn into heated arguments where you are left feeling angry, alone, and disappointed. I help couples to work through conflict, life stressors, and traumas in a way that fosters connection and safety.

Happy family

Therapy for Teens

Support in a New Stage.

Does it feel like your teen is from a different planet? What happened to your baby? How can you know they’re okay when they refuse to open up? And you're sick of all your conversations ending in arguments. I can help you and your teen to reconnect and prepare for the years to come.

Wind in her Hair

Adult Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

Life, work, and relationships can be overwhelming. You long for a sense of relief, clarity, and peace. Perhaps you long to feel more connected to God and to others. I help individuals to express and process struggles, stresses, and suffering in a safe environment.


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