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Couples Therapy

Quality Care

Do you find yourself wondering, "What happened to the person that I married?" It feels like the joy, fun, and connection are gone from your relationship and now you feel like strangers who share the same living space. Discussions can quickly turn into heated arguments where you are left feeling angry, alone, and disappointed. You long for understanding, empathy, and love to flavor your discussions. You long for the fun and spark that you once had when dating. I can help you.

I help couples to understand more about the patterns that keep you feeling stuck. I give couples tools to engage with their emotions, needs, and longings so they can reach for their partners in new ways that create a safe and secure bond. 

Are you getting married soon and desire pre-marital counseling?  I am a certified SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator and can help you develop skills and connection before you and your partner embark on the journey of marriage.  

Areas that I can help include: pre-marital counseling, communication issues and fighting, recovering after affairs, family and personality dynamics, and adjusting to the birth of a child or other life transitions. 

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Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

Are anxiety and depression part of your life? Maybe you are tired of being tired. It can feel like work just to get through the small tasks of everyday life. You are drained and not sure how to get through the day and gain a sense of rest and freedom. Sometimes it can feel hopeless in this place, like relief or change will never come. You want to find a sense of relief, clarity and peace. 

Or perhaps you find yourself dealing with a new transition in life. Graduation, marriage and the birth of a child can be wonderful but can also bring new challenges and stressors. It feels overwhelming and new. Wherever you find yourself, I can be a help and resource to you.

I help individuals to express and process struggles and stress's in a safe environment. I come alongside you to provide support as I help you in developing healthier rhythms in your life. 

Some areas that I can help include: anxiety, depression, grief, abuse, life transitions, divorce, life coaching, self-image, body image, life stressors, and spirituality. 

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Family Therapy

Here For You

Families are beautiful units that walk through life together, in the good and the bad. When change or stress happens, there is a ripple effect. A family member's stressful job, new transition, or difficult school relationships shows up in the family system. 

I help families heal and walk through life's difficulties together, in a united and connected way. I can help families grow in communication and understanding of one another.

Some areas that I can help include: adjusting to life transitions such as divorce, death, birth, relocating, as well as resolving conflict and strengthening relationships between siblings and/or parents. 

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Therapy for Teens

Support in a Difficult Stage.

Are you the parent of a teenager who is experiencing trouble at school, with friends, or even with relationships at home? Perhaps you don't know how to figure out what is going on with your teen and they refuse to share much with you. I help teenagers struggling with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, identity issues, anger, low motivation, mood swings, relationship difficulties at school or home, and other behaviors. I can also help teens who are adjusting to life transitions such as divorce, death, moving, or other changes. 

My goal is to help your teen express him or herself, as well as develop healthy strategies to deal with the overwhelming emotions of life. I want your teen to feel supported and understood as they develop confidence and centeredness with who they are and where they want to go in life.